Monday, June 19, 2017

Still Here!

Lordy*, it's been too long!

First, our girl Miss Main Street graduated from college.   My mom flew out from Michigan for the occasion and we drove up to Saratoga Springs for the festivities, then back home with all of Miss Main's stuff in our two cars.  It was a festive family time as we were joined by my sister and her two young adult kids as well.  We are so proud of our girl!

She is at home with us, looking for a job or internship in writing or producing for TV or movies.  Her major was Theater, with a minor in Media and Film Studies, and she has a talent for comedy.

Next, Mr. Main Street attended his last commencement and retired from his job as Chair of the English department at Peddie School.  But it is not quite total retirement as he is going back in the fall as an adjunct** to teach one class.

But pretty much the same-old, same-old for me, with my job and my quilting when I can squeeze it in.  I'll be back soon with an update on my current project as I've made real progress.

*Don't you agree this word deserves a come-back!
** Latin for works for next to nothing

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helen said...

Congratulations on your daughters graduation. Hope tge job market is better in the US than in Australia. I have 2/3 kids with jobs, one who did master in diplomacy still looking,

barbara woods said...

one of my grand's is going to attend Oklahoma this fall in Theater. Hope our girls can make a great career in this

gailss said...

Congrats on both your daughters graduation and husbands semi-retirement. Hope your sewing time fits into that somewhere too!

Kyle said...

It was good to get an update from you. Lots of changes and congratulations!

Thelma said...

Wow, I swear it seems like you just dropped her off for her freshman year of college! Congratulations to you all. Is your daughter into podcasts? If so have her listen to "Happier in Hollywood". It's by two ladies in the biz and they give some tips on working as writers in Hollywood. I enjoy the podcasts and I'm retired! LOL