Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have a few things to show you.

Real progress has been made quilting Little Butterflies.  I'm close to turning to stitch in the other direction.

That's good because I have two quilts waiting for binding.  I'd like to get them finished before the weather turns hot.  I don't like sitting to sew with a quilt over my lap in the heat of the summer.  We have air conditioning but it is still uncomfortable.  Binding is a good winter activity but I missed that window of opportunity.

I welcomed spring by switching the quilt on our bed to Love Actually, my double wedding ring quilt made in 2015.

 photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. I am all too familiar with that 'binding window' of comfort. Our changeable spring weather means there is still a real chance I could snuggle under the quilt I'm finishing while turning the binding, if I get a move on. Or, I could end up bunching it up on my dining table (aka, not in my lap)for that last bit of stitching. Good luck on yours!

  2. Your hand quilting is coming along and almost there...this is going to be so pretty with the hand quilting and hope this is a keeper for you. Love your "wedding ring" quilt and isn't it nice to change up the quilts.

  3. All your quilts are so very beautiful!

  4. Your wedding ring quilt looks beautiful on your bed! And you're making great progress on your cute butterflies -- Yay!!!

  5. Hello from Moorestown NJ , your quilts are gorgeous, love the Figtree colors.

  6. All of your quilts are so pretty.
    I've made a few but mine are all patch quilts...nothing fancy. It's so nice to have a hand made quilt to sleep under.


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