Monday, January 5, 2015

For Christmas, 2015

This morning, I found a new project in my in-box.  Isn't he cute?

photo from Bunny Tales, the Bunny Hill Designs newsletter

He's the first in a series of free monthly projects from Bunny Hill Designs, all involving applique, snowmen, and hearts.  I could not resist; I already ordered the flannel needed for the snowman applique.  I have a tub full of red and green Christmas fabric.  I think I have some embroidery floss around here. 

I will just have to keep up.


  1. I saw that this morning too, but had already forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I decided to do the snowman ornament project, also. I haven't made anything in this style before, but this snowman is so cute that I couldn't resist. I think I will make a quilt from them, in case I have a granddaughter some day. I'm going to use the Mistletoe Lane fabric, which I frequently saw on Instagram during the holidays. What are you going to make yours into?


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