Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Dip In The Magic Basket

I pulled some fabric from my bottomless basket of Fig Tree fabric for my next quilt.  Like Mary Poppin's carpetbag, my basket of Fig Tree fabric seems to hold much more than you would think given its size.  I started with a few fat quarter bundles, a layer cake, and few other odds 'n ends.  I've made seven quilts already and still have lots of fabric to work with.  

Next up in the Fig Tree Harvest is a baby quilt using the minty greens (the color is more vibrant than it looks in this photo).  I have something simple and fun in mind, a design I can quilt myself. Check back soon for a progress report.


  1. I am loving the idea of a Fig Tree "bucket" with all kinds of, guess I need to find a bucket...;)))

  2. Your Fig Tree carpet bag definitely is amazing!

  3. A Fig Tree stash is a very pretty one. I love the lines where she uses blue. Can't wait to get some Aloha Girl. Don't suppose you have any California Girl yardage lying around?


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