Monday, June 9, 2014

Clamming Up

No big reveal after my absence of more than a week but I have made some progress on the Double Wedding Ring quilt project.  I have 12 "clamshells" made; 24 more to go.

This does not look like it will be the summer of quilting for me.  Home renovation projects are absorbing my time. Some are fun (dining room redecoration); some are totally boring (powerwash the siding).  They all take time, which I don't have a lot of once you factor out the hours spent on paid work.  Which matter a lot, what with the college tuition bills and Mr. Main Street's desire to retire before he is 90.  But every once in  while, I get into the sewing room and piece away. 

Construction of the Double Wedding Ring block is slower than most quilt blocks.  I was able to chain piece the arcs but the process really slowed down once I got to the curved seams.  It is not particularly difficult, just slow.  It helps so much that the pieces fit together so perfectly, and for that I have to thank Marti Michell and her fantastic set of templates. 

I bought my template set on Amazon (I have a Prime membership so shipping was free - we read a lot of books here on Main Street, Mr. is a high school English teacher)  but you can also order them directly from Marti's website.  The templates are acrylic, like most quilting rulers, so they are great for rotary cutting.  I cut the small pieces for the arcs from strips and the melons and block centers from yardage.  I read the directions before I started, finding some sections not-very-clear but once I had the pieces in my hands, the confusion disappeared.  (I augmented Marti's directions with tips from Jo's County Junction).  And there are several tutorials on YouTube for those needing more help or clarification.

If a Double Wedding Ring quilt is on your bucket list, give it a try!

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  1. Marti Mitchell's templates always seem to work. Hope you can squeak some sewing in every now and then.


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