Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

One of our nieces is having a baby in August.  She and her husband are both big fans of the Stars Wars movies so when I found out there is licensed Star Wars fabric available, I knew I had to make something for Baby.  When I stumbled across Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorial for the self-binding baby blanket, I found the perfect gift.  Are you aware of the tutorials from Missouri Star Quilt Co?  They are wonderful!  This company is a family affair, based in a small town in Missouri.  Jenny does the tutorials and she is a great teacher and entertaining as well.  She reminds me of Julia Child, not fazed by anything that happens, keep the camera rolling!  If you are looking for a tutorial for something quilty, Missouri Star Quilt Co. probably has one.

The construction of the baby blanket is exactly the same as the napkins I made a while back and is very fast and easy.  I used a piece of black and white flannel with the Star Wars logo and a piece of quilting weight cotton depicting various contraptions (sorry, not familiar with the technical terminology) from the movies. I whipped up two blankets in an afternoon.  (In the photo, the blanket is folded in quarters.) 

You can see what the mitered corner looks like below.  Don't be afraid; super easy...just follow the directions in the tutorial. 

While I'm sure the parents are going to love the Star Wars theme, if I was making a blanket for another recipient, I'd go with this or this or this.  A couple of custom blankets paired with some board books and I am ready for the baby shower!

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Margaret said...

How funny is that! I, too, am making a baby quilt for a niece's baby, and just last night decided I was going to give them a board book along with the quilt. The quilt has sheep in the design, so I decided I would purchase the book "Moo Ba Lalala" by Sandra Boynton to go along with the quilt. Can't go wrong with a baby quilt and a board book!