Monday, May 12, 2014

DWR Quilt Update

In my last post, I was trying to decide which of two fabrics to use for the background in my Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Your comments ran in favor of the pink on white mini-print, which I had been leaning towards.  But before cutting into it, I thought to measure and be sure I had enough.  OOPS!  Only 4 yards and I need 6 for this project. 

The problem was that by this time, I was no longer thinking the solid white was a good choice and did not want to default to it so I took myself off to my local quilt shop.  I found a print I liked from a newer 3 Sisters line called Printemps, but they did not have enough left.  What a dilemma!  Internet to the rescue; I found the same thing online and placed my order. 

The fabric arrived and I am happy with my choice.  This gives you an idea of what it looks like (wrinkles and all).  The little flowers in the print are yellow and the background is the softer white common to 3 Sisters fabric designs.

And here is a completed "melon" unit.  Sewing this unit together is not difficult, just slow going with the two curves.  But as Marti Michell says, "This quilt is not made in an evening."  I could be at this a long while!

By the way, if you are ever trying to find a specific fabric, I've found the website very useful.  The site is a search engine for a group of independent quilt shops across the country (my LQS is a member).  You put in a search query; for example, 3 Sisters Printemps, and it opens up a page with thumbnails for all the listings across the member stores that match your query.  The thumbnail shows the name of the store and links to their website so you can check the price and quantity available.  When you find what you want, you order directly from the website of the member store.  I've used it a number of times to find a fabric I need from an older line. 


Kyle said...

Oh, yes. You picked a great background. It definitely fits in with the feel of the fabrics you're using. Thanks for the info about finding the perfect fabrics online.

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

You definitely chose the perfect background! It looks terrific.

Sue said...


Aunt 'Reen said...

Beautiful background choice!
Your start is looking so pretty!

Sarah said...

This is going to be beautiful! Such pretty fabrics. I love 3 Sisters fabrics!