Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DWR Quilt Update - The Clamshells

It's been a while; I've been busy with work and our dining room re-decorating project.  We're nearing the end on the decorating.  If only the electrician would get here and hang the chandelier that is currently in a giant box in the center of our living room.  Oh, and I've been using the dining room table to stage my eBay sales as I "right size" my china collection to better fit the available storage as well as our needs. 

But I'm still at work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Having mastered the component parts, I tried making a few blocks, or as Marti Michell calls them, "clamshells."  A clamshell block is composed of the center fabric with two pieced melon arcs attached on adjacent sides.  Eventually, the clamshells are sewn together into rows, then the rows are joined to make the quilt top. 

In theory, it is the same as if the blocks were square.  In practice it is much trickier.  I found a combination of Marti Michell's directions that came with the acrylic templates and an online tutorial from Jo's Country Junction very helpful.  While the pieces are going together beautifully (see above), without any puckers or tucks, progress is slow.  This is not a chain piecing quilt project.
Further, the instructions warn against pressing at this stage ("our foremothers did not jump up and iron after each seam") so my clamshells look a bit messy.  The next stage of construction is supposed to be easier if you have not pressed everything into place.  I am following the directions! 
Six blocks done, 30 to go!


Thelma said...

That no pressing thing would be hard for me, but they look great, so why jinx it! Looks like this is going to be a great summer project.

Kyle said...

It is interesting about the no pressing. I always press. It will be interesting how it works for you. Keep us posted. Your blocks look fantastic and very vintage.

Kathi Riemer said...

I love your color combination. I made a double wedding ring once...back in the '90's. I used John Flynn's pattern. I know this pattern is a lot of work. Your quilt is lovely.