Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Generosity of Quilters

I've been saved by a quilter in shining armor!  After my setback of last week, when I realized the cutting directions I had for the curved log cabin block were not correct and I had cut one set of strips too short, a blog reader came to my rescue.  Nicole sent me some fabric from her Fig Tree Quilts stash, enough to add to what I had already cut and give me variety and the number of strips I need.  I'm back in business and feeling confident about this project again.  Thank you, Nicole!

And isn't this one more example of how generous quilters can be!  Making quilts for babies and kids in need, making pillowcases for our servicemen and women, buying raffle tickets to support another guild's project...all the time spent around warm quilts must lead to warm hearts.

Back to my project.  Seeing just one block doesn't give a very good idea of how the curve comes into play in these curved log cabin blocks.  So here's the first four blocks finished and I think this gives a better idea.

The logs in the light prints are half the width (finished size) of the logs in the darker prints.  You sew them in rounds in the normal way and even though all the pieces have straight sides and you aren't sewing any curves, you get this curved effect.  Now that I'm back in business, I should have more to show later this week.

If you would like to see more scrappy quilt projects, visit Scrap Basket Sunday at Kim's Quilting Adventure.


  1. You are so welcome Cathy. I once was making a Fig Tree quilt and whatever the collection was, there was nothing left anywhere for a border that tied in with my quilt. Another quilter (Jean of In the Garden with Miss Jean) had 9 yards (!) of the large floral print in the line and sent me half of what she had! Pay it forward! lol

  2. Looks good! Nicole rocks! I love reading her blog :)

  3. Ahhh, it took me a minute to find the curve -- I should have just jumped down to your description LOL. And how lucky that Nicole had some extra fabric for you!

  4. Looking good and yes, quilter are so sharing and giving....can't wait to see more blocks put together.

  5. Quilters are the best ! How sweet of Nicole to send you that fabric ! I enjoy reading her blog :-D

  6. I love the way the blocks do create the image of a pieced curve. It's going to be striking. Hey! For quilters!


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