Thursday, April 4, 2013

Falcons in Flight - 2013 Auction Quilt

Each year my daughter has been in high school, I've made a quilt in the school colors for the auction fundraiser put on by the parents' association.

This year's quilt is finished!  I'm calling it Falcons In Flight.

The falcon is the school mascot and the kids sometimes refer to themselves as falcons.  The quilt is pieced from large (3" by 6") flying geese blocks - large enough to become flying falcons - set around a solid dark blue panel, with borders of the same solid blue.  The finished quilt is 54" by 68"  - a nice throw size.   
Karen Thompson did the quilting on her longarm.  She suggested the triangular pantograph quilting design. 

I'm sure glad Karen suggested this design; I would never have thought of it and it complements the pieced triangles beautifully.  We chose yellow/gold thread for the quilting, which shows up very well on the blue background without interfering when it crosses the "falcons."

For the back, I found this retro looking blue and gold print, on sale!

Another project off the back burner.  I'm whittling down the list of UFOs!

1 comment:

Kathie said...

looks great! I love the quilting not something I would have chosen either but really works!!!
hope it raises lots of money.