Monday, November 12, 2012

More Pineapple

I've been working on my pineapple blocks and during the past week, went from this... this.  From eight blocks to sixteen.

I was not at all careful about how I put the blocks up on my design wall but you get the picture.  I'm going for a 7 by 7 block setting, for a total of 49 blocks, so many more to make. 


Carolyn said...

They are beautiful! This is going to be a stunning quilt!

Sue said...

WOW! Just gorgeous ! What fabric I you using in this quilt !

quilter said...

Your blocks look great! Love the color. What size are your blocks?

Carol said...

Beautiful, beautiful blocks!

Marie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Cathy - it is going to be spectacular. I have been working on a scrappy version of this (actually, lately it has spent more time in storage than being worked on!) but this is spectacular. Dare I start another?


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