Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four Day Weekend To-Do List

I had the best intentions to do lots of sewing over the Thanksgiving four-day weekend.  My plans included:
  1. finish the pineapple blocks and sew them together
  2. bind an almost finished quilt
  3. make a Christmas stocking for Dillie, our puppy
  4. cut out my next quilting project
  5. re-hem a pair of pants that my mom left with me
You probably sense where this is going.  I partially completed #1; I finished all the pineapple blocks and they are assembled on the design wall but not sewn together yet. 

Clearly, I needed a 22 day weekend!

But I did some other things that weren't on my original list.
  • Played a rousing game of Monopoly on Wednesday night, followed by Scrabble on Thursday night.  Soundly beaten by daugher in both games.  (Wow, we raised her right!  While Mr. Main Street - the English teacher - and I were forming three letter words like aim and hag, Miss Main was forming six letter words like fasten and plenty.) 
  • Visited a LQS, Olde City Quilts, for their sale.  Was seduced by displays and bought supplies for two impromptu projects.
  • Because LQS did not have one thing I was looking for, surfed various quilt supply internet sites and placed an order.
  • Visited the gym to work off the turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie.
  • Made my Christmas gift list to use while shopping. 
The long weekend is over and now it's back to the regular routine.  With luck, I might get to #2 on my original list by next weekend!

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