Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wool Penny Rug Wreath

I put the last stitch in the wooly wreath on Saturday afternoon.

Now I need to get it framed. There are a couple of framing stores near me, as well as Michaels. I'm leaning towards Michaels because I think they might be more experienced framing needlework. I think I should put this on some foam core or other stiff backing before I have it framed. If anyone has experience with something similar, please leave advice in the comments. This project came out of a magazine but the directions stopped short of the framing part. Not so different from so many quilt patterns that end with "quilt as desired and apply binding" as though the quilting and binding are a complete afterthought.

I'm resuming work on the star pattern quilt inspired by a postcard I found in Paris.  I shunted this project aside for Christmas in July.  All the blocks are finished so it is just a matter of sashing and setting triangles to get the top done. 

And I've been giving considerable thought to what to start next.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve, or rather, in my brain; just need to decide which one comes out first. 

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Kathie said...

love that penny rug wreath, that is great! I would love it for my table! but I do like your idea of framing it.
hope you will show us a picture of it framed.