Monday, September 26, 2011

Binding Clips

Putting the binding on Cobwebs gave me an opportunity to try out the Clover Wonder Clips I bought a short time ago.  I do like them!  They are much easier than straight pins, my previous tool for holding the binding in place while I hand stitch it down.  And I never cared for those metal clips, the ones that look like the hair grips sports-playing girls use to hold their hair back securely. 

The clips work pretty much like clothes pins.  One side of the clip is flat (clear plastic) and the other part angled (red plastic).  They can be used for machine sewing with the flat side down (of course, you will need to remove them as they approach the needle).  And they are very easy to see should you happen to drop one on the floor or couch (I speak from experience!).

Wonder Clips come in packages of 10, which I found to be enough to work with.  I placed my clips about two inches apart.  As I sewed down a section and removed a clip, I re-attached it further down.  But if you like to have your binding pinned down entirely before you begin sewing, you will need several packages. 

This final step in making a quilt is so relaxing for me.  I love the moment when the last stitch goes in and I get to spread out my finished quilt.

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  1. I just bought these same Clover Wonder Clips & just used them for the first time this last week . I love them. Much better then using pins


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