Friday, February 4, 2011

Quilt Patterns For Big Floral Prints

My LQS, Pennington Quilt Works, has the most gorgeous quilt displayed at the front of the store.  It is a Chippewa Nine Patch made from Maison de Garance from French General.  It looks even better than the cover of this pattern.  The maker used a large red print for the snowball setting blocks and a variety of reds, browns, and beiges for the nine patch blocks.  Stunning! 

I was so taken with it that I bought the pattern to "have on hand."  I frequently see large prints that I like but then wonder what to do with them to preserve their beauty.  Somehow, cutting them up into tiny pieces doesn't seem right.  Chippewa Nine Patch could be the answer. 

This is Tussie Mussie Bouquet, a quilt I made in 2006 from a pattern by Debbie Beaves.   (The pattern doesn't appear to be in print any longer.) 

I had been thinking of re-using this pattern with the Lakehouse Penelope Two fabrics I blogged about last week.  The framed area is six inches square, a good size for showing off a special floral print.  (It could also work for a novelty print.)

However, I decided not to buy the Penelope fabric afterall.  I saw it at the store and though I like it very much, it was not quite as special as I had thought when I saw it online.  And then I remembered all the projects I have in the queue, waiting to be made.  Aster Manor, my Halloween project,...the list goes on and on.  It will feel a lot better to get one or two of them done before I add a new project.  I'm trying to behave!

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Mad about Craft said...

It's so hard to behave when you see so many nice fabrics and patterns!