Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We've had an unusual amount of snow for New Jersey.  Usually, when it snows here, we get a light dusting that melts well before the next snowfall.  Not this winter!  We had a big snowstorm on Dec.26, now referred to as the Boxing Day Blizzard, and most of that snow was still with us when we were hit again last week.  We have a pile (I should say "mountain") at the end of our driveway that may still be with us on Memorial Day!

It is perfect hibernating weather.  Time to stay indoors quilting and reading.  And I've read a few good books, including a trilogy by Linda Holeman.  She's a new-to-me author, and if you like historical fiction or woman-struggles-through-adversity-then-finds-herself novels, I highly recommend The Linnet Bird, The Moonlit Cage, and In A Far Country.

The books take place in England, India, and Afganistan during the 19th century.  Each is a stand-alone novel but they are linked, with characters reappearing in later books.  I don't want to give any of the plot away so won't say more, except I highly recommend them.  You can find them on Amazon.com and perhaps in your local library.

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Cindy T near Tulsa said...

I love historical fiction. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Your Rural Jardin quilt is going to be a knockout!