Sunday, June 13, 2010

We Eat, We Talk Tech, We Quilt

On Saturday, I got together with my quilting buddies.  We are not a formal group, there are just four of us, and we get together on an irregular basis, whenever the mood strikes and our schedules can manage it.  We gathered at Sue's house for a lovely salad lunch, followed by "tech talk."  I call Sue and Alice Early Adopters.  They get the latest gadgets as they come on the market and are unphased by technology.  Natalie and I wait "until the kinks are worked out" then struggle to adapt and keep up.  On Saturday, we got tips and assistance from Alice and Sue while we each loaded apps to our iPod Touch.  Now I have a couple of quilting apps, can find a Starbucks anywhere, and tell you what the weather will be like for the next ten days.

Then we moved on to gossip our quilting projects.  Natalie is hand piecing this hexie project.  It started as a table runner but is getting much bigger.

Sue has been prolific lately, making lots of quilts for the latest generation of her family.  The quilt she is holding up is much cuter in person than in the photo.  The sailboat fabric is really darling.  The pattern is from Quilts From The Quiltmaker's Gift, one of my favorites and shown in my Essential Quilting Books sidebar widget. 
Alice has been bringing this binding job to our get-togethers for over a year now.  No wonder, it is a king-size quilt.  In the time it has taken to bind this monster, she has probably made a dozen smaller quilts!  It will be a beauty when it is done, though!

I worked on binding Blooms In The Snow.  It will be finished soon!

It was an ideal Saturday afternoon!  

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Thelma said...

Sounds like a perfect any day to me, lucky you.

I LOVE Blooms in the Snow, is that Glace? That border is amazing, how did you get those squares to fit perfectly in that corner?