Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing Class

On Sunday afternoon, I took a sewing class at my LQS, Pennington Quilt Works.  We learned how to make decorator pillows, using piping to finish the edges.  I made mine out of some vintage fabric I had on hand, sized to fit a standard bed pillow.

I tried to make throw pillows for our family room a few years ago but was not happy with the way the piping turned out.  This class was most helpful and I got much better results.  The photo below shows the piped edge - a bit difficult to see because both the piping and the pillow fabric are white.  Bernina has a special presser foot (#12) that makes it much easier to get a clean, tight finished edge.

This fabric has great texture.  It looks like it is quilted but is not; it is like those French bed coverlets made to look like white-on-white quilting.  I had just enough to make the one pillow so this will be a decorative pillow for our bedroom.  It only took about three hours to make and now that I know how, I should be able to finish the next one in even less time.  I might be making more to match quilts.

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