Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Displaying and Storing Quilts

What do you do with all of your finished quilts? 

Here on Main Street, I have them in the usual places.  One on every bed, plus a few more for each bed so they can rotate.

Smaller quilts folded on the backs of chairs, or tossed "casually."  I have a seasonal rotation for these throw size quilts.

I hung two curtain poles on the wall on our second floor landing and use them to hang folded quilts.

I change the assortment here as part of my Christmas decorating.

And I have a quilt holder on the wall in the kitchen.  I got this wooden holder at a quilt show years ago, it is 42" wide, great for a rotating display of smaller quilts.  

And I have a couple of quilts hanging in my sewing room.  The Spools quilt is hanging from a dowel rod ...

...while Say Yes To The Dress is hung from a curtain rod using clip-on curtain rings.  

 But even with all these quilts on display, I have many more folded and stored away.  So when I saw this basket in Target, I thought it would be great for holding a few rolled up quilts.  I like the look and it holds quite a lot.  I've got three quilts in it (one is twin size and two are large throws) and could squeeze in one more.   

 If you would like to do something similar, the information on the basket from Target is here.  Target doesn't ship this basket, you have to get it in-store, but I saw a similar one at West Elm and they do ship.  That info is here.

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  1. Such a great display of quilts Cathy and love that you have so many ways to display them. How lovely that they are in many rooms and in different hangings. Quilts should be out and not put away!

  2. It's such a wonderful challenge to have! Mine are like yours,everywhere, every way possible.

  3. Oooh, I like that curtain rod on the wall idea. Most of my quilts are folded in a closet -- I really need to implement some of your wonderful ideas!


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