Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Log Cabin Quilt Block Settings

I've been making slow but steady progress on the log cabin blocks and now have 64 finished blocks.  Since they finish at 10" square, that will make a quilt 80" by 80" which I think will work on a full size/double bed. 

I need to decide on a setting so I can begin the joining up process.  I have two alternatives under consideration.  This setting is called Sunshine & Shadows...  

and this next is called Fields & Furrows (or Streak of Lightening).  I'm leaning towards this second setting because I've never used it before. 

(Please excuse poor quality of the photos.  I laid the blocks out on the 
"design bed" and had to take the pictures holding the camera over my head.)

I've used the Barn Raising setting for my earlier log cabin block quilts, like Brownstone (made in 2014)...

 and Christmas Cabin, one of early quilts.

I found some good information on alternative settings for log cabin blocks on this site; the illustrations are very useful to help ensure I get the blocks laid out properly.

Another decision I need to make concerns the backing fabric.  I have some regular quilting cotton in the stash that I can use but am also thinking about using Minky or Cuddle, those super-soft plush fabrics.  I've never used it as quilt backing before but have seen quilts made with it.  Do you have any advice for using it?

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  1. Such gorgeous colours, and I think I like your second setting best too - it seems to bring out all of the different prints more.

  2. I love your choice of colors in this quilt. One thing I discovered about using Minky as a quilt back is that some long-arm quilters don't like to quilt on MInky, so I always check with my quilter first.

  3. Hard choice here as I like both setting but do sway to the second one. Just love the colors and think that the second one will show off the best. Love the logs and never get tired of a good log cabin quilt….can't wait to see how you finish. Never used Minky so can't comment on that fabric....go luck there.

    1. Great design with your log cabin blocks. It's nice to try something new. Your previous quilts are wonderful. If you're thinking about minky and plan on having someone else quilt it, check first. Some quilters dont seem to mind. It does stretch and sheds like crazy.


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