Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Further Progress on La Passacaglia Quilt

This is where I was in March when I last documented my progress on my La Passacaglia quilt project.  (The newspaper is there to show me where I need to add more to reach the desired size.)

Here she is with three more rosettes added.

Closer up:

And in this photo, I've added two more.  Just three more rosettes to go in the upper right corner.

I started this project in April, 2015, and I think I can finish it this month!  Later this week, I'll have a post covering what you need to make this quilt and my tips for the construction process.

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Robby H. said...

It's turning out quite beautiful. I'll look forward to your tips on construction, too. I'm trying to get myself started in EPP and the more tips the better!

Kyle said...

It's turning out beautifully Wow, you're so close!

gailss said...

Great progress Cathy and think you are almost there ....just love this and a really beautiful piece. Will you frame it or use as a wall hanging? Way to nice to just leave on a table.....;)))

Tracey Holzer said...

This quilt is simply incredible!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, your quilt is looking so beautiful Cathy! I'll bet it's been a fun project!