Friday, July 3, 2015

Give Me Liberty

Are you a fan of Liberty of London fabrics?  I like the prints but the fabric is a little pricey to use for quilting.  If you are a fan, you might be interested in the Pop-In store at Nordstrom's.  

A few of the brick and mortar stores have a temporary in-store shop selling Liberty items and all of the merchandise is available online.  There are many cute items.  I like this coin purse but what really got me is this little suitcase.  Wouldn't it be great for storing a quilting project or supplies?  But a bit pricey; I'll have to think about it.

Today is a holiday from work, celebrating the July 4th holiday tomorrow.  That means extra time to sew!  Must get started. Enjoy your 4th of July celebration!


Rebecca Stevens said...

Personally, I'm all for the 2 person tent. Can't you imagine telling your boyfriend - oh yes, let's go camping I already have a tent and you show up with that.

gailss said...

Great fabrics but way to pricy for me....happy 4th and happy sewing over the weekend!