Monday, October 14, 2013

What's On Your Bucket List?

Yesterday, on Moda's The Cutting Table blog, they ran a post on the quilting bucket lists of a few of the Moda designers.  Pretty interesting, everyone has one quilt they long to make but haven't started yet.  I have three, and it is the intimidation factor that keeps me from even starting. 

My quilting bucket list includes:

A double wedding ring or pickle dish quilt -   I'm seriously considering this for the near future but need to decide on a color scheme or fabric selections.  I found this video explaining the Creative Grids ruler, to use with or without foundation paper.

Orange peel or Joseph's coat - The need to applique all those curves has me intimidated.  This tutorial for the Joseph's coat version is an option but I'd prefer to have an acrylic template for the melon slice piece.

Floral appliqued border - I want a lavish floral border on a simply pieced center.  I haven't found a pattern for exactly what I want yet, which is fine as I don't have the skill to tackle it yet.  I need to work on my applique skills with a smaller project first.  Plenty of time!

 What's on your list?


Sharrieboberry said...

I have Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish on my list too!

I'm looking at Inklingo to try them. I like the pictures of the results I see online. I'm soooo slow when it comes to trying something new though!

It's just me, Alice said...

I have a Boston Commons (king size), a Baltimore Album wall hanging, and a king sized log cabin for which I am accumulating fabrics for a while now.

I am getting to the bottom of my quilts I need to do, so one of these will get started in the next few months.

Kyle said...

That's a great question. I jumped over to Moda and read what some of the fabric designers had on their list. I liked the fact everyone's choice involved a pattern that was very complicated and had a high skill level. I'm still thinking. I guess I should actually make a list.

Strlady said...

Thanks for the creative grids link. I have Judy's Bali Wedding quilt in my UFO pile and I think those rulers might get me motivated to tackle it again.
Besides that quilt, I also have a Pineapple quilt and a Lone star quilt on my list. Applique quilt as well but that one I'm actually working on.

Sarah said...

Nothing with curves! Haha. Actually I don't think I've got a bucket list. I've got a lot on the I want to make this list, but nothing on the I have to make one of these list.