Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recovering From Vacation

Have you ever arrived home after a vacation and been so overwhelmed by all there is to do to get you and your family back into the normal routine that you haven't had any time to read your favorite blogs let alone write a post for your own blog?  No?  It hasn't happened to me either, I was just wondering.

LOL, the past two weeks have been crazy but I think I am back to normal now.  Miss Main Street is away at camp, which I used as an opportunity to gave her pigsty bedroom a good cleanout and reorganize her closet.  If the urge to clean and reorganize lingers, I may tackle the fabric closet. 

But before I go there, I have a number of quilt projects to finish up.  Come back and vist because I will have several "finishes" to show you over the next few weeks.  Yes, real finished quilts!  Yahoo!

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