Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Find - Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Like just about everyone, I have been trying to spend less. One of the ways I do it is that I simply don't go shopping as often, and when I do shop I keep my priorities top-of-mind and try to be more selective about what I bring home with me.

But there are some things we need so today I set out for our local Nordtrom store and the first day of this year's Anniversary Sale. I heartily recommend it; they have some great stuff at significant savings. My lingerie needed replenishing and I was looking for some not-very-high heels in brown to wear to work. I found my favorite bra from Wacoal at a big discount from the usual, rarely ever on sale price and had a hard time deciding amongst three pairs of shoes because I liked them all so much. Miss Main Street needs clothes for fall that comply with her school's dress code. We did not find much in that line but one of her favorite looks is bright colored tights with a black skirt and boots and we found her some purple tights. They also had some good deals on workout and yoga wear from Nike and so on but I have plenty of that so I resisted the urge. We also entertained ourselves in the cosmetics area by experimenting with the testers, but if you are in the market for that they have a lot of special offers and the MAC people were doing free make-overs.

All-in-all, it was an enjoyable afternoon and I feel like I stretched my dollar and kept to my budget.

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