Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Have A Winner and More Quilting Books

We have a winner! I used and it picked number one, Vivian of quiltsandamug. I emailed Vivian last night and she already got back to me with her address so the Japanese quilting project books will be off in the mail to her this week. Thanks to all for your comments; I'll be writing a post incorporating your recommendations later this week. In the meantime...

While Connecting Threads was holding the 40% off sale on books, I ordered some that looked like they could help me with my machine quilting skills.

One Line at a Time, by Charlotte Warr Andersen, covers geometric all-over designs that are an alternative to meandering or stippling.

Machine Quilting Design Builder, by Renae Allen ,with lots of quilting design ideas for specific blocks that are often used like log cabin and dresdan plate.

Quilt This! by Lynda Smith is a collection of quilting motifs for machine and hand quilting. I see a lot of possibilities here.

One thing that I especially like about Connecting Threads is that they show you some of the pages inside the book. This way, you don't have to judge the book by its cover and author reputation only and can get a better idea of whether you will really like and use it before you commit to buy. It is the main reason I make most of my online purchases of quilting books from Connecting Threads. They are especially useful for books I've heard about but that my LQS does not stock.

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